Become an Affiliate

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We allow you to earn money by linking to customers who are interested in our products. If you target a customer on one of our websites and that customer makes a purchase, you will earn a commission (a percentage of each sale). We control customer acquisition and customer service through transaction processing. We provide detailed reports on sales directed by your website and pay you the commission you have received.

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  1. Fill in the application then wait for the request to participate in the program to be accepted
  2. Create links to Logitech from the Ads section of Impact and promote Logitech on your site
  3. Any sales by the website of the interested parties, 30% of the sales amount will be credited to their account (PayPal)

  4. Each user can check his performance and account by entering the affiliate panel, and the performance analysis can also be seen in the panel.
  5. 30% is one of the highest percentages in the market

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