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July 25, 2020 Mason No Comments

Wonderful ways to conduct UX research focus group

A Focus group is a type of qualitative research method. Qualitative methods, especially the focus group method, seek to understand how people interpret the world around them and their lives. It is very useful for the market researcher when people, and consumers, explain a product or service in their language and its advantages and disadvantages. […]

April 19, 2020 Mason No Comments

How to create a good landing page?

If you are looking for a way to attract more audiences to your website and have tried different solutions, but you have not reached the desired result. Create a landing page, and be sure you will be surprised. In marketing, you need customer engagement, and for that to create a landing page can be useful. […]

January 14, 2020 Mason No Comments

Basics of Mobile First design

Very simply said, “Mobile-first design” means the process of designing your online product by designing the mobile end as the first step and based on this further development to increase features and create the desktop version takes place. While at first, this may seem a bit unconventional since up until recently the process was the […]

October 11, 2019 Mason No Comments

Why We Need Wireframes in Projects?

It may have happened to you that you had trouble figuring out the idea and plan to explain it to the customer. The best solution is to use wireframes to avoid such problems. The use of wireframes in projects is increasing day by day with the complexity of today’s world as they allow the idea […]

June 30, 2019 Mason No Comments

XD for Jira Integration 2.0, a New Plugins Panel, and More

June is here, and while we’re still celebrating our landmark release last month (which included a set of features to easily create and maintain your own design systems), we’re not slowing down either. In this new release of Adobe XD, we’re bringing a streamlined properties inspector to Prototyping mode, which means it’s easier than ever […]