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Wonderful ways to conduct UX research focus group

Wonderful ways to conduct UX research focus group

A Focus group is a type of qualitative research methods. Qualitative methods, especially the focus group method, seek to understand how people interpret the world around them and their lives. It is very useful for the market researcher when people, and consumers, explain a product or service in their language and its advantages and disadvantages….

Why We Need Wireframes in Projects?

Why We Need Wireframes in Projects?

It may have happened to you that you had trouble figuring out the idea and plan to explain it to the customer. The best solution is to use wireframes to avoid such problems. The use of wireframes in projects is increasing day by day with the complexity of today’s world as they allow the idea…

XD for Jira Integration 2.0, a New Plugins Panel, and More

Adobe XD Integration with Jira

June is here, and while we’re still celebrating our landmark release last month (which included a set of features to easily create and maintain your own design systems), we’re not slowing down either. In this new release of Adobe XD, we’re bringing a streamlined properties inspector to Prototyping mode, which means it’s easier than ever…

How to animate prototypes in Adobe Xd

Auto-Animation Adobe Xd

Adobe has introduced Auto-Animate, the most likely addition prototype feature a few months ago. This feature helps designers to create immersive animation. Adobe Xd made this feature easier than what we expected and designers need to duplicate an artboard, then Xd allows designers to animate all the layers (objects) properties difference in the prototype. “Adding…

Dark Mode, Data, a brand new look and more in Sketch 52

Dark Mode, Data, a brand new look and more in Sketch 52

Sketch 52 has landed and it’s one of our biggest updates yet. Jam-packed full of exciting new features, including a totally redesigned interface, this latest release truly reflects the future of Sketch and design. Here’s an overview of all the new features in Sketch 52: Sketch now comes with Dark mode on macOS Mojave We’ve…

How to design fixed elements in Adobe Xd

AdobeXd Practice

As design elements can now be set to a fixed position in the latest update for Adobe XD, we’ve decided to dig a little deeper into the best practices for sticky headers and other fixed elements. While they’re pretty ubiquitous and easy to implement, what purpose do they really serve apart from adding some interactivity to…

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