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Become an Affiliate

Our affiliate program pays you for linking interested clients to our website.
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We give you the opportunity to earn money by linking to customers who are interested in our products. If you target a customer on our websites and that customer makes a purchase, you will earn a commission (a percentage of each sale). We provide detailed reports on sales directed by your website and pay you the commission you have received.

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Let’s do business together

Create lasting and profitable partnerships, promoting products and services to your audience

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The highest commission percentage

We want you to make a profit! Theme Angel offers you the highest commission percentage of sailing each template and theme. 30% is one of the highest percentages in the market that we offer our affiliate partners

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We collaboration with affiliates

Theme Angel monitors affiliates and discovers all the insights available to them. After selling our products we will analyze the customer behaviors and report them to you. As we grow, we help affiliates to grow too.

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Monthly Payments

We pay a monthly commission to our affiliate partners! Our partners can earn money monthly by asking us to pay the commission percentage for each sale on a regular monthly basis. what affiliates need to do is to sales and we pay!

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Promote our easy selling products

Don’t worry about selling our products! With our modern and user-friendly products, you no longer have to worry about selling. All you have to do is link the users who are interested in our services and products then leave the rest to us.
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