We Get the most out of our design team through collaboration

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We Get the most out of our design team through collaboration

We Get the most out of our design team through collaboration

Let me explain the concept of individual genius more clearly than ever! Individual genius is nothing but a myth because when we can have a collaborative design that is the result of different genius, it can make the design legendary! When I designed for the first time, I was faced with a kind of vulnerability, and I felt that I needed to show my design to my colleagues before calling it a complete design! This feeling for designers originates from the fact that we think of every element in our design.

As a result, it can be deceptive – to fully accept the cliché of the individual designer – and to assume that the problems we face are unique to ourselves, but within a collaborated design you can be ready for any challenges. Keep in that mind that at least one of the team’s members has faced such challenges. 

Sometimes common design can be challenging for you, but in fact, working together can be a better idea. During my years of experience besides my colleagues, I learned that association and collaboration is nothing but mercy!   Actually, by collaborating designing you can be strengthened in facing most of the possible challenges.

Start a conversation and get feedback

For young designers, collaborations with large retailers can be a lifesaver. In addition to establishing clear communication with the client and collaborators, any designer must be able to communicate their messages effectively through their designs. This ability to communicate, in the field of design, must always be accompanied by creative messages. For me, concepts such as the concepts of interaction and visual execution with prototypes, wire, design (a large number of designs), and of course. jpg, .pdfs, and some Sketch files are thought-provoking concepts.

That’s why I often think about these issues a lot. And I conclude that by collaborating with other designers and interacting with them, I can achieve a more dynamic result. I need to get advice and training from other designers about my designs. Instead of relying on computers, I prefer to enjoy the feedback from designers and their collaboration. If you can interact with the other person, you can ease your mind about the design and make sure your design is intuitive enough for someone else to use.

Test your ideas in presentation mode 

What is a priority for us is to evaluate the plan as a team, we review and analyze the plan as a team before presenting our plan to the customer? To do this, we spend a lot of time analyzing the design and presenting our views to achieve the best possible design. Such meetings double the value of the design, in such meetings you can ask and answer purposeful questions such as: What is the overall goal of the design? What is the difference in this design? Designing individually limits my mind and prevents observing my design faults, but when the design team supports me and reminds me of the shortcomings of the design and presents their corrective points, all of this is going to improve me. Finally, it is better to apply the opinions of others to get the best output.

Wouldn’t it be better to consider all aspects of the work officially for the client before presenting the plan? This is a great idea! Our design team will arrange an internal review before the official presentation. In this session, we will talk about different issues, such as the appropriate language to describe the design. If the customer needs further explanation to understand the purpose of design, then I need to increase the user’s interaction and experience throughout my design using my colleague’s directions.

Prototype test is a big help

To measure how users interact with the design, we can start from anything! Interactive whiteboard, paper, a card-based sorting plan, or a fully encrypted interactive experience. For example, when I’m not sure how the design and user interaction will work, I get help from a group of designers and regular users. This method helps me a lot because it is a useful exercise to get the main patterns of real user experience dealing with my design. By getting useful information on how to design an efficient user experience, I gain a better and clearer understanding of elements such as web accessibility standards and how to improve usability. When I was developing The Air Quality Life Index web page, With the help of a group of colleagues, I gained more control over the official presentation of the design.

Holding weekly meeting

In addition to internal meetings to review plans, we believe in creating weekly design huddles, or stand-ups. We can be more up-to-date and in line with trends. In these meetings, each of us will be a part of the other, and we will come up with ideas and discuss new topics and opportunities. In such meetings, we can present each of our ideas as part of the group and come up with new and innovative topics. Having such meetings helps to strengthen our teamwork and make us more coordinated. Creativity is, today, what allows brands or companies to stand out from their competition. For this reason, the best designers are always ready to accept new projects and dare to try new designs.

Collaboration within sharing Inspiration

We consider the Internet browser to be primarily a personal activity. And here we try to record everything that inspires us on the Internet with the help of channels like Slack and Dropmark, and that’s how we categorize sites we like. Such a method makes internet browsing a collaborative activity, we get to know the interests of the team members better, and ultimately we get to a higher level of sharing. What is important for us is to awaken the inner creative, professional, or personal voice of each member of the team and add more to our experiences. Such a method is the best way to get the techniques and methods of your competitors. By knowing our inspirations, interests, and creativity, we make our design more unique than ever.

The larger project, larger collaboration

The larger your goals and projects, the more collaboration you need between the team members. Recently, we have changed the site and the design of the Communication Network Change Magazine so that we can engage in meaningful discussions about the best results for the overall project. Organizational criticism and feedback help us to be improved and work ideally more and then ever.

To be a good designer is the ability to accept criticism. All good designers are willing to receive criticism and feedback, to improve and evolve in their professional careers. It is also important to have the ability to be critical of one’s projects and designs.  For one of our projects, I was wondering about how to optimize images for the web as a beginner in the production work before redoing the Constructive site. we were able to create a meaningful process while optimizing images for the web with the help of my colleagues and sharing our information and knowledge.

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